5 Biggest Myths of Selling on Amazon with Shopify

5 Biggest Myths of Selling on Amazon with Shopify

Selling on Amazon with Shopify opens a window of opportunities! Don’t let these myths convince you that integrating your Shopify store with Amazon marketplace is a bad idea!


Hundreds of millions of people from all over the world use Amazon to shop online. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your products in front of your potential customers? Even though, the Amazon marketplace may seem a little intimidating at first, selling on Amazon with Shopify opens a window of opportunities for your business to grow.


There are lots of myths circling around that Shopify and Amazon integration is actually a bad idea. Here are the 5 biggest myths you should know about:


  1. Amazon is too crowded: Yes, there are millions of products on Amazon, however, there is still place for an online store like yours to sell and make money. It is possible for an Amazon customer to buy your product over the competitors. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Even if you make extra $1000 in revenue from selling your products on Amazon, it is a good start.
  2. You can set your store and forget it: When it comes to generating sales, you need to be super active, especially in the beginning. Once you’ve made some sales and received positive feedback, put in extra effort and double your revenue.
  3. New items can’t get organic traffic: If the new products are well optimized, they can certainly get organic traffic. If you send paid traffic to your items as soon as you list them, your new items can also get organic traffic. Remember – online customers may be wary of the products without reviews or feedback, however, there are still people who purchase products without reviews if it is something they really want.
  4. The lowest price is the most attractive price: Not all customers purchase products online based on price. If a customer sees your item first, even if the price is a little bit higher they may purchase yours instead. Also, online customers think there is a difference in quality between a lower cost product bs a higher cost product which is why they will decide to buy the slightly more expensive one.
  5. You can slow down on your Shopify store now that you have Amazon traffic: Keep in mind that Amazon is only one sales channel. You can also sell your products to Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and etc. Never become dependent on one marketplace or sales channel.


Are you ready to leave behind these 5 myths and scale your business growth to the next level?

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