6 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling on Amazon with Shopify UK Right Now

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling on Amazon with Shopify UK Right Now

Selling on Amazon with Shopify UK is the best strategy for increasing your sales and revenue! Here are 6 main reasons why you should start selling on Amazon with Shopify right now!


Amazon – the biggest ecommerce marketplaces in the world is now one click away! All you need to do is integrate your Shopify store with Amazon marketplace and start selling immediately.

You can use this integration to attract new customers and grow your revenue. Amazon is a great sales channel for your dropshipping store and we see no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of it. As a matter of fact, we are only familiar with the reasons why you should definitely start selling on Amazon with Shopify UK:


  • It is the biggest and most popular online sales channel: Amazon is the biggest ecommerce sales channel for all types of businesses. The massive marketplace carries millions and millions of products which shows you that anything can be sold online. Don’t be discouraged by the competition you might face. You should be where your potential buyers are.
  • An extra stream of revenue: You will have access to the second stream of profit. If your customers are on Facebook, set up your Facebook store with Shopify, if your customers love learning about your business, create a blog. You will be able to connect with new customers and grow your sales.
  • Reliable and secure brand: Amazon is a trusted and recognized brand. If your Shopify store lacks popularity or brand recognition, customers may feel more secure buying products from Amazon than your online store.
  • No listing fee: There are no listing fees when selling on Amazon which is one of their biggest advantages. With Amazon Pro Merchant account, you will have to pay $39.99/month + percentage of your sale.
  • Millions of active users: Amazon has millions and millions of users, actively checking and buying products online. If your audience is in the UK or US, then selling your products on the Amazon marketplace is worthwhile.
  • Proven model: According to one research, over 50% of Amazon sales make over $100.000 in sales so your odds are in your favor. With the right strategies, selling tactics, and promotional activities, you too can be a successful seller.


Shopify and Amazon integration is the right strategy for your online store. Try it now!

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